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“At first the infant incapable of satisfying self or fending from fear,

And then the annoying schoolkid who wants more and develops even more fears

And then the lover yearning to be held with passion and desire, or just have fun 😉

And then the businessperson eager to succeed and ready to fight for pride and honour

And then the successful businessperson feeling something is missing in life, no money can fill

And then the giver only that person knows not how to give having spent a lifetime of taking

And then the trainer, ready and willing to impart precious wisdom and knowledge

And then then contentment, inner peace and happiness when their students become masters and go forth to do good business

And then the fullest realisation, a genesis of mind as the person sees their once students become empowered to pass on skills that benefit all. The deepest state of inner peace – of mind (and body) no other state can surpass.”

People are at different stages of development. A great leader, mentor and coach knows how to help, benefit and truly benefit each person at each stage or at least that’s what I’m told.

It’s difficult sometimes especially in a country where a different system rules. It’s even more difficult to get the support of the 4 million people that live on this island to take care of an island, knowing that if they don’t it will collapse. Perhaps in months!

Two months of the ‘Help ME Save Bali’ and we got 300 supporters. ‘ME’ in this case refers to the businesses who are part of our donation program. They give us a small donation for everyone on our card who supports their business. A referral scheme only in the form of a donation. ‘300’ People! Come on! Bali is on the brink of melt down. With disease on the rise from the over 26 illegal dumpsites, hotels illegally tapping water off the system and sewage being pumped directly in to the rivers, Bali once in the top 5 of holiday destinations worldwide has turned in to the largest dump and no-one seems to be doing anything about it. Any efforts seem to be just a blimp in the big picture.

So a change of tact was important. a lot of research and one more month later we have our answer. The general take on the problems are two-fold: 1- they love plastic because it’s an innovation, they can do so much more with it than they could back in the day of the banana-leaf wrapper; and 2- they are two bothered with their day-to-day survival than they are of caring for their environment. A stage of evolution we were at probably 60 years ago. It’s not that they’re backward, it couldn’t be further from the truth, it’s more accurate to call it a time-warp. A step in to the mind’s of those who are just starting to have the opportunities to enjoy electronics.

Understanding this and finding a way for them to support requires a different incentive. One much more like a competition, “Eat and Win” to be specific. Every time they eat at a participating restaurant, on a particular day, they get a chance to win a blackberry, or iPad2 or iPhone, you get the gist. How does this save Bali, well it doesn’t directly, but the restaurants who participate in the program have to commit to using 100% Biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags. Since 98% of the garbage comes from waste from these ‘warungs’ (Indonesian style restaurants).

So in summary: The people who realise that they have the choice and can support a business that helps the environment refers to those at one stage of evolution. And the people who only care about what’s in it for them and are motivated to support a business on the off-chance that they’ll win a highly desired piece of electronics, are at another stage.

So far, in Bali I have identified at least five different stages of evolution people seem to be at, and each of these people need one of five basic programs to motivate them to do something positive for the environment. These stages are not too different from those of a businessman only slightly more complicated.


The Mindful Entrepreneur


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